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The Dyatlov Pass incident

Dyatlov pass was named after the leader of the hiking group that mysteriously went missing in 1959, Igor Dyatlov.

The group consisted of graduate students from of the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Their plan was to trek 350 kilometers on skis through the forests and Northern Urals to Mount Otorten.

On February 12, 1959 the nine failed to report to the scheduled end-point at a village called Vizhay. As a result of rescue efforts, the group’s tent was found on the slope of the Mount Kholat Syakhl (Mountain of the Dead). Investigators later determined that tent had been cut with a sharp object from the inside.

Some of the hikers were wearing only underwear and their bodies had injuries such as fractured skulls and broken ribs. One of the women had her tongue missing.

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