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MH370 Anniversary Update

Aviation's deepest mystery, and one of its biggest tragedies, enters its third year with seemingly little hope of resolution.

When it was announced in July 2015 that a part of Malaysian Airlines MH370 had washed up on the tiny island of Reunion, it seemed as though the fate of the plane might finally be discovered - and yet, if anything, it's less certain now than ever.

In June this year, the Australian Transport Safety Board will conclude its official search for the vanished Boeing 777. But for the families of passengers, and for countless truth-seekers, the search will continue.

On this epside, we talk to author and aviation analyst Jeff Wise, who explains why MH370 is still missing and updates us on important recent developments. And Grace Nathan, the daughter of an MH370 passenger, brings us a timely reminder that this is a deeply personal situation for many hundreds of people.

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