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Warning: Do not listen to this - you might become radicalised!

Refugees are swarming across the borders apparently.. These people are coming to take your hard earned money and destroy your society. Of course it could be they are just fleeing the bombs that are being dropped on them by multiple governments including their own.

The Refugees are not the problem - governments are the problem and are quietly leading us all into world war 3 without much of a murmur from the average person.

We discuss the origins of ISIS in our latest posdcast. We talk about the Syrian war and then speak to Gabriela Andreevska who is working as a volunteer at a refugee camp in Macedonia.

So here's a radical idea - stop blaming the problems of this world on populations and focus the attention back on the people who are making the decisions. These people are not the right people to be deciding anything since they lack empathy and are riddled with corruption and self interest.

Check out the podcast by going to our latest episode on this site.

Best wishes,


Truth Sentinel

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