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Jul 24, 2021
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So the year started off with a bang, Christmas rather, January was a wild month with much buildup. What are some predictions for the rest of the year given that it has been sort of slow, no big revelations of much note just the typical tyrannical nwo business. One thing for sure is the continued pressing of the vaccine agenda, with some countries stating they're looking for 100% by 2022 (comrade biden didn't hit that 70% by july number lol). Doubt August will see the fruition of the grand 2 week plan with trump getting back in. It's looking like a slow decline next few years with inflation already hitting the US. Not much of a worry of cattle cars coming out just yet. The plandemic will continue with xyz variants as long as governments don't have to relinquish their emergency powers. I don't see any problems with foreign relations for the time being, they even banned spectators from the olympics, reason I think is to prevent any would be disgruntled citizen from any of the participating nations from causing any ruckus. I could go on but in the spirit of getting some discussion going, what are your thoughts on the state of affairs going foward?
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